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A few of the Pamphlets designed by us

Maintenance Free Plate Earthing-Front

Maintenance Free Plate Earthing-Back

Copper Bonded Leaflet - Front

Copper Bonded Leaflet - Back




RGSK Easy Pack

Ochem Sealers Pvt. Ltd.

Ochem Sealers Pvt. Ltd.

Caregivers - Front

Caregivers - Back

Indian Armour

Indian Armour

Water Proof Exterior Paint - VISTA

Acrylic Emulsion - BOON

Idol Pouch Distemper

Waterproof Cement Paint

Luxury Loft Leaflet

Bhargava Motors



We pin point your strengths and with much research and study of the relevant market, finalize on creatives that are focused on the generation of sales

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Outdoor Services

Backed by highly polished and experienced ad maestros, It was started with the express purpose of offering advertisers.

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Sleek and elegant websites are designed specifically to meet your needs. Taking the requirements of your products, image and sales into consideration

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Our Services

Outdoor Services Enhance your impact

The flat outlines take on a new dimension. From the basic lines of an...

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Design services Creatives/Brochure/Packaging

We, at IAPL, help you boost your brand with a captivating design that connects so...

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Branding Services In-Shop/On-Shop Branding

An award winning design team gives leadership and vision in the creation of superb...

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Photography services Photography clicks

The finest equipment with the latest advances in photography are part of our...

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Advertising Services Print & Electornic Ads

IAPL offers complete solutions for billboards, bus/railway advertising and other...

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Multimedia ServicesWebsites/Mobile Apps

Slick and well designed presentations can make the difference between winning and losing...

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